Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Public Service Announcement!

Today I scored my biggest frugal victory ever for another person! I saved a friend (who shall remain nameless) $260. Said friend was having a problem with sewage backing up into her basement and was having the roto-rooter guy come today to snake the drain to the tune of $260. Having gone down this road myself earlier this year I knew what to do. I advised her to call the town and they would do it for her. They did! For FREE!

I was actually told by a plumber that many towns will do this for you. This is a service which is provided by YOUR tax dollars. Most plumbers don't want you to know this and won't tell you this. The woman at the town hall confirmed this for me when I called last spring.

So please, the next time (if ever) you have raw sewage in your basement take a minute to call the town hall! You just might be surprised!

I'm thinking of calling next summer to see if they can cut the lawn too!


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Ok, but you are at LEAST going to need a petition for lawn mowing, if I needed one for sidewalk plowing! ;)

Christine said...

Yes! Who would think they would snake the drain for free and then refuse to plow!