Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Traditions and Rachel Ray!

So, during the 3 hours that I spent making 62 pedeha, my grandmother was apparently watching Rachel Ray.

One of the items on our Christmas Eve buffet is a dish made of sauteed mushrooms, celery and onion. It has gravy made from flour and butter to hold it all together. It's some Ukranian dish that has been on the table since before my dad was born. It's pretty good, not great, but good. But again, being a stickler for tradition, I need to have it on the table. My grandma is still making it every year at this point.

So this morning she calls to tell me that she's made the onions and mushrooms for tomorrow night already. And how am I feeling? And how did the pedeha turn out? And OH, by the way, she was watching Rachel Ray and decided that her (Rachel Ray's ) mushrooms look better than her own so she made those instead. Is nothing sacred! I'm sure she's right and I'm sure they are delish, but I just don't think Ukrainian peasants had wine to deglaze the pan with!!!!!

I tell you, that Rachel Ray is taking over the planet and frankly, it scares me.

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