Sunday, December 23, 2007

On Target for Christmas Shopping!

I hate procrastinating. It makes me nervous and edgy. No one has a good time around me when I'm like that. NO ONE....Procrastinating during the holidays makes me dislike the holidays so I try and avoid that. But next year I may reconsider!

Today of all days, I had to run up to Target for some non-Christmas gift items. It was busy but pleasant. Lots of registers open. I got a coffee.


Yes, all of the Christmas dresses (and let me tell you it looked like they still had every size) the wrapping paper. The Method Christmas scented hand soap, All of the decorations and wrapping paper. Heck, even the jumbo Tide I needed for $12.99, was on clearance for $6.99. I saw a lovely bird feeder that would have a been a great gift for my grandma's partner Bob, for 60%.

There were deals to be had. It kind of made me mad to tell you the truth. It's like rewarding people's bad behavior (Yes, I am one of those people who can't fathom WHY the post office would EVEN CONSIDER staying open late on April 15th.) Here I am getting all my shopping done early, and weeks later, I can get it all for 30% off!

I actually found it was like that at the mall last week when I needed to stop at Old Navy and Bath and Body works. The slippers I wanted to pick up at Old Navy were already reduced to $7 ($7, what DO These cost to make anyway?!?!?) Some of the Christmas Gift baskets at Bath and Body were already 50% off. What gives????

This actually all kind of scares me. (not in a Rachel Ray taking over the world kind of way but in a real what are we all doing with all this stuff and how cheap is it all really that it's on sale even before the holiday kind of way. And what is the real cost to us of good so cheap kind of way) And I'm getting waaaaaaayyyyyy too deep for Christmas time here.

Or maybe I'm not. Perhaps Christmas time is exactly the time to get deep about this kind of stuff.

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