Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I know it's only Tuesday but tomorrow I'll be working on Thanksgiving preparations for the
first Thanksgiving dinner to be served at our house!

The following is from an Ann Landers Column and I usually get it at least once a year via email. Every time I read it, it touches me. We so often fret about things in our life that aren't just so or about the things we don't have while ignoring the blessings we live with everyday.

Things to Be Thankful For

Be thankful for the clothes that fit a little too snug, because it means you have
enough to eat.

Be thankful for the mess you clean up after a party, because it means you have
been surrounded by friends.

Be thankful for the taxes you pay, because it means you're employed.

Be thankful that your lawn needs mowing and your windows need fixing, because it means you have a home.

Be thankful for your heating bill, because it means you are warm.

Be thankful for the laundry, because it means you have clothes to wear.

Be thankful for the space you find at the far end of the parking lot, because it
means you can walk.

Be thankful for the lady who sings off-key behind you in church, because it
means you can hear.

Be thankful when people complain about the government, because it means we
have freedom of speech.

Be thankful for the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours, because it
means you're alive.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Simple Blog Writer said...

I think I read this years ago, but you know what? I needed to read it again. Thanks for posting it.

Christine said...

You're welcome! I think we all need reminding sometimes! Have a nice Holiday!