Friday, November 30, 2007

My Last Gardening Day of The Year!

I actually worked in the garden today (ok it was for like 5 min, but still!!!)

Last week my grandma gave me some Horseradish from her garden. She swears it will be just fine to plant now (She's probably right as she has grown Horseradish for about 100 years now) Anyway, as I was getting ready to have my neighbors over for dinner tonight I came across it and ran out and popped it in the ground. I also quickly dug up the dahlias I have been neglecting! It was COLD!

And right now, as I look out the window, it is beginning to snow! (and blow!!!!)

So officially, today, my gardening season is over!

I love the idea of perennial food. Plant (and purchase) once and reap the benefits indefinitely. In my last home I had an asparagus patch! I also had a big herb garden with a bunch of perennial Herbs. I'm planning my new herb garden for next spring-I hated being without one this past year. I would also love berries and fruit trees but I don't know how that will work out with the deer. (and space required for those!)

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