Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Decorating

What is going on here? It's 3:19 pm. My guests are coming at 4. The turkey is cooking. My side dishes are done. I'm showered, sprayed and lipsticked. My daughter is clean. My husband is watching football. There is a fire started. I'm totally stress free 40 min before guests arrive! It's like the Thanksgiving Fairy showed up here and helped out! (actually it was my mom who kept my daughter all day yesterday so we could get ready)

Anyway, I was looking at my dining room and thought I would share my cheap dining room decorating for Thanksgiving. Here goes. I got the swags on the valances for $2 after Thanksgiving last year. The valances themselves were $2 at Linens and Things. The Tablecloth is 1/2 of a valance that I got from the same clearance pile for $2. China on the table was a set that I got at Bed, Bath and Beyond like 10 years ago. It is white with embossed fruit. The whole set probably cost $50. The centerpiece of pumpkins and gourds is made of leftovers from Halloween and sitting on a cake stand that Leighanne's mom gave me for my wedding shower! The candles are from the Christmas tree shop. The votives in the window were$1. The bench at the back was from Ikea and I painted it. If you look closely in the far corner you can see the school desk my brother re-finished for me.

The table and chairs, I'm not gonna lie to you, those were not cheap at all. (same with the chandelier) I wish you could actually see the table better because it's a beauty! But I'm mentioning them because that is where I do spend money-On things that I love and will have forever. If you don't waste money on things that don't mean much to you, then you can splurge where it counts to you! Curtains come and go, I'm gonna be buried with this dining room table!

Well I'm off to wait for my guests! Happy Thanksgiving!
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