Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Spud Gift Tags

Last night at Garden Club we made these adorable holiday gift tags. If you live with a child who does arts and crafts at your house and plan on making mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, then you probably have everything you need to make these cards.

All we did was take a potato, carve a shape into it (or whittle one out of it.) spread some paint onto it and then stamp it onto card stock. We cut the cards out with scrapbooking type scissors, punched a hole in them and then tied with a bit of raffia.

They are actually pretty cute and now I don't have to buy gift tags!


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

These look great! Sorry I missed the meeting, but I'll have to try these out with my girlie before Christmas!

Christine said...

Yup-They were simple and I bet you DO have everything you need to make these already. And my guess is that your daughter's would look as good as these! I learned that I won't be able to get a second job as a potato carver any time soon. (Jeannine made the stamp of the nice tree of course!)