Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7th- The George Eastman House

One advantage of working a lot on the weekends is having time during the week to do things when it's not so crowded!

After school today I took my girl to the George Eastman House to see their annual Gingerbread House Exhibit. There are over 100 houses!

On the way there I was explaining to Emma who George Eastman was and how he brought photography to the masses with roll film and how he's impacted many many places in Rochester.

She said,
"What's film?"
Oh my goodness.

Anyway, these pics are all out of order but it's too difficult to switch them.

Yup, seriously.... Gingerbread....

The house itself, is completely gorgeous and is as nice a place to visit (moreso if you are someone like me) as the photography museum is. There was a girl playing piano here. And a big Chritsmas tree. It was like walking into a Christmas party from long ago.

This is one of the best parts of the house. As you walk down this hall, you get a view of the amazing gardens there.

Oh yes, all edible!

Around the back of this one they had candy horses....

Emma loved this real elephant head in the solarium.

This is at the end of that hall I told you about above. It's hard to tell but the gardens are fabulous and I can just imagine someone actully sitting there and enjoying their life... I sure would.

The house is completely gorgeous.... There were many more pics that truly show it's beauty but I was already pushing it with all of these photos.


Meredith said...

I live close but i have never been here. I will put that on my New Year's To-Do list!
"what's film?" Oh my.

Christine said...

Yes, it's great fun! And kids under 12 are free! If you've never been then go when the weather is nice because the gardens are FABULOUS!!! The museum of photography is very nice, but the house... Oh the house is spectacular! And it contains Eastman's personal articles which I know you'd like!

Life Should Be 3D said...

Beautiful photos -- thanks for sharing. The George Eastman House is such a treasure for Rochester.