Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Photo Project- December 1st

A few years ago I participated in View From A Prairie Box's, December Photo Project, where you post one photo per day until Christmas. I love that-seeing someone's life in pictures so I'm doing it again this year. Besides it will force me to pay attention to the blog a little more often this busy time of year. 

December 1st Garden.
I realize that I've got more than one picture here but I was out in the yard today and this is what I saw.

Green Onions. The gift that keeps on giving. You plant these things in spring and harvest the tops all summer and then they start growing again in fall. By now the onion underneath is much bigger too so you can eat that as well. Leave them in all winter and they'll probably grow green onions in the spring again for you. I like green onions better than any other kind of onion! 

Sage. While the garden performance was lackluster at best this year, this sage plant flourished. I love the distinctive smell of sage. Sometimes I dry it inside and burn it as an air freshener.  Native Americans also think burning sage keeps bad juju away...  Nice, a fresh smelling home free of bad juju..... 

I did not grow that pumpkin but it sure looks cute in there. It was the only striped pumpkin in the patch.  There is my little worn bench where I like to drink coffee in the morning and beer in the evening. I got it on the side of the road (of course.) The seat flips up. Since I got it for free and I'm not all that attached to it, it stays outside all winter long. So do the plant supports. I like having a little architectural interest when there is nothing else going on in this. This may be the last winter that it lasts though. 

Broccoli. Still growing. Only when you are a new gardener do you operate under the assumption that you can only grown things from May-Sept. Things grow much earlier and much later. Broccoli grows really well in the yard, I must have perfect soil for it. (I should probably look up what kind of soil that is...) You can cut off the main bunch and then these little side shoots keep producing . 

Rosemary. Still going strong. Although I brought her inside for the winter because she's not cold hardy in my neck of the woods. Rosemary is also expensive to buy as an herb at the store and look at this plant!! It started as a tiny little thing back in May.  Yup, that's a milk box. It's sitting next to my back door just waiting for the milkman to come. The funny thing is that it's sitting right UNDER a milkbox that is built into the house.  I sometimes wonder if the milkman did ever come and put the milk in the wall there. I bet that was delicious milk. 

Do you live in a home that's been owned by someone other than yourself? If your home is older do you ever sit in the rooms and wonder what the prior furniture looked like? Of course, we saw the people's furniture who lived here before us because we saw the house when they still lived here. I'm talking about a longer time. What did the house look like during the depression? Where was the sofa? What color was the kitchen? 

I sometimes picture people in here living their lives. Laughing, crying, arguing, making up, having holidays and waking up each morning.  When I do this I realize that it may be our house today but we're really just passing through. 

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