Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 15, 2011 Peppermint Frozen Dairy Dessert, Edy's Fail

So my daughter LOVES candy canes. And a few years ago for her birthday I made this awesome ice cream for her by crushing up candy canes and mixing them into vanilla ice cream. She loved it.

So when we saw candy cane ice cream, we got her some this year.

But look closely at that label. It ISN'T ICE CREAM AT ALL. (Lower Right)

I didn't even notice this until just now. Nowhere on the label does it call this product ice cream. I want ice cream dammit. Edy's people, you know that we all think we're buying ice cream when we pick up this package... You know THAT.

But in looking at the ingredients, rather than CREAM, the first ingredient is Whey (Dairy)-That's what it says.  I should have just made some. I have an ice cream maker, I'm just too darn busy to make ice cream. Maybe for her birthday I'll make some.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood this evening that this has pissed me off so badly. But seriously, I hate fake food. I hate "created" food. Created and fake food is what is killing us in this country. 100 years from now I bet they figure out that we all got cancer from non-dairy creamer.
I hate crap food. (yes, I would admit that peppermint ice cream isn't up there on the list of health foods, even when it is real ice cream.)
But I want my ice cream to be cream, sugar and eggs.... I don't want frozen dairy dessert. I never ever ever want cool whip. I don't want non-dairy creamer....
And a side of butter with that....

And what am I doing with the ice cream container at 10:12 pm anyway you ask?
Mind your business....

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Outsidethebox said...

I completely agree. I make my own whipped cream with a touch of vanilla and Cool Whip (whatever is whipped in there I can't prounounce) will not touch my lips!