Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6th-Peurto Rican Beef

Tonight after the Y, I made one of my new favorite dinners. Puerto Rican Beef from Every Day Paleo.  This is so easy (I chopped everything before going to the Y and it only took 15 min to cook up when we got home. And the flavors in this are amazing.  That's a sweet potato in there next to that avocado. I forgot the olives, and it's even better with the olives. It's got kale and tumeric (which my husband tells me is so good for you, I'll just go with it.) It also has cumin which I think makes anything tase good.

However, did you ever notice when you cook with cumin your whole house smells until the next morning.  I think it kind of smells like armpits. So this dish has both onions and cumin. And I was the one cooking it. I most likely smell like onions and armpits right now....

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