Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick-or-Treating at The Genesee Country Village & Musem

Today we went to the Trick-Or-Treat event at The Genesee Country Village & Museum with our friends Deanna & Drew and Kristin & Michael & all of our girls! We had a blast. It was $5 a child (adults were free!) and included games, candy, the beautiful village some crafts, and even a haybale maze and bounce house!

We listened to a scary story at the Pioneer Farmstead (yes, I've slept on that bed!)

Could you want for a better backdrop for this activity... I don't think so!

Just like their Mommas....

Mother and Daughter Witches. We decicded we were bad witches... Actually my girl decided that. Since I work there, everyone probably thought the hat was appropriate...

Trick or Treating wth the Oxen. This is Tom (or Mike...) I can't tell them apart. We (The museum, not my family)  have new baby oxen and we tell them apart by the color bandana they are wearing!

Trick-or-Treating at George Eastman's Boyhood Home. I don't know that if I were typing that I would phrase it like that but that's actually the title of the house at the Museum, "George Eastman's Boyhood Home."
It's supposedly haunted but we saw no paranormal actiivity today.

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