Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Post Secret Live Event with Frank Warren

    Tonight Leighanne and I attened the PostSecret live event at RIT. Frank Warren, the creator of the PostSecret website and author of the PostSecret books was there giving his talk about the website, insights into the world and sharing secrets-His and other people's.

Postsecret, if you don't already know, is a website, a blog really, that Frank Warren started by printing up 3000 postcards and handing them out to people and asking them to tell him their secrets. Anonymously. And each week, on Sunday, he posts some. By now he's received over 500,000.  Some of the secrets are funny, many are sad, some tragic. Sometimes there you see one or two that you just "get," one that resonates and lets you know that you aren't alone in whatever it is you have a secret about.

Frank Warren is really engaging and seemingly, very nice. He's been through a lot himself and couldn't even put his finger on why he started this site back in 2004. (I can't remember how long I've been reading it but it's not that long.) But his truths about what he's found since then, are truly universal. You may think you have a secret but chances are, someone else has it too. And no matter who you are, you probably have a least one heartbreaking secret. And there's more, but you should go to the event if one comes to your town rather than listen to me talk about Frank Warren's truths. At the end of the night Frank invites you up to share your secrets (I did not do this!) but it was intersting to hear what people had to say. And the tenor of the room was pretty happy and content. I left feeling like "oh hell.... I can deal with just about anything." Because even though some of the secrets were sad, there was a real "we're all in this together kind of vibe."

The event was at a local college and Leighanne and I went to the Lovin Cup first for some dinner and a drink. And what a great place with a wonderful atmosphere and awesome beer on Tap. I ordered an IPA but the waitress brought me something carmely and dark, still awesome!  It was a great time sitting there chatting with Leighanne, one of my all time favorite secret keepers!

There's even a PostSecret iPhone app!

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