Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hot Mama?

Before I settled into my usual mother's day routine of gardening, I  went to Wegmans's to run an errand for the girl scout meeting tomorrow.

I was dressed in my typical gardening attire of jeans, a tank top, a brown zip up sweatshirt and flip flops.

While stopped at a display, a man with a perhaps 10-year old boy in tow (his son?) slowed down, gave me an appraising up and down look, and said:

"Haaaapppy  Moooothers Day."

I wish this blog had audio because written out like that, it doesn't really do it justice. If that sentence could actually be said in a lecherous manner, I woud say that he said it in a lecherous manner, although, I'm not actually sure that sentence can be said in a lecherous manner. He certainly gave me a leacherous look.

I really didn't look that fetching, but to be perfectly  honest, the man didn't seem really discerning.

This left me to ponder:

I don't wear jewlry when I garden so I was sans wedding ring I was also sans child. What about me indcates that I was part of a family unit at all? To be fair I was purchasing 24 reuseable children's cups.

Do I look like I have birthed a child in my lifetime or that I would be good at birthing children? Probably so, but really not something I would personally draw attention to if I was looking at someone in a lecherous manner....

Was I wearing mom jeans and not realizing it?

Did I look like maybe I haven't received a lecherous look in a while and the guy was throwing me a bone for mother's day????  

I was wearing a tank top and his gaze made me want to look down to be sure that it had not dipped dangerously low. But I didn't want to draw attention to that if it had.

All in all, I was somewhat confused by his choice of words.

So I said "um thanks?"  turned away and continued to put the clearance children's cups into my cart hoping to avoid any more eye contact.

It was certainly the creepiest compliment I've received in a while.....

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