Friday, May 6, 2011

The Best Pizza I Ever Had

About once a week my daughter and I have lunch out somewhere. It's usually at her favorite pizza place, Cam's, where we both have a slice of cheese pizza and water for under $5. It's our little thing and we sit in the same booth each time and talk about kindergarten and other things. The girls there know us and always greet us with a friendly smile.

Anyway today when she got home from school she asked if we could have lunch there. I initially said no because tonight she had a bitthday party where I knews she was having pizza. She persisted with arguments ranging from the fact that we had nothing for lunch (true) and we haven't been there in a while. I reluctantly agreed and went upstairs to get ready.

She yelled from the kitchen:
"Moooommm, how much is it when we eat at Cam's?"
"How much at Cam's?'
"What about if I have pink lemonade?"
"$6  wait until I get downstairs, I can hardly hear you"
"Which one of my jars is the spend jar?"
"Emma, hang on, I can hardly hear you."

So  I go downstairs and that little girl is counting out dollars from her spend jar on the counter. I ask what she's doing and she said "It's your mother's day weekend celebration, I'm taking you to lunch."

And she did.

She held all of the money in her little kid hands on the drive to the pizza place and told me "Even if you drive, the person paying is the one taking the other out to lunch, ok."


Then she asked what I wanted to drink and she ordered for the both of us. She ordered pink leomnade for herself which I hardly every let her get (I guess she figured it she was paying she could order pink lemonade if she wanted.) She got some change so I told her she could give some to the tip jar. She tossed in a quarter.

After our pizza she said she had some money left over and she told me she was going to buy dessert. She took 2 quarters and  bought  M&M's and skittles out of the candy machine and we ate them at the table.

While she was eating she said "You know, it tastes better when you pay for it yourself."

It sure does baby.

I know that was the best pizza I ever had.


Kristin said...

How precious! You're raising a very thoughtful child.

Christine said...

Thanks! Sometimes ;-)