Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teeth Are Important

This is never quite so obvious as when you are standing there holding one of your own in your palm.

And  made worse when it's your top right front tooth.

I have had a crown on that front tooth since I knocked it out playing catch when I was 10. I had a new one done in college, and really, have given it little thought since.

Last night I had corn on the cob. I took a drink before bed and it fell right off...  It was just like those dreams where you are spitting your teeth into you hands, except I was awake.

What a nightmare.

I'll be honest, I've actually had a week full of mishaps. Lost my cell phone, the car needed fixing, missed my cheese making experience and now this. I took most of them in stride; I'll enjoy the silence of no cell phone until I replace it next week, at least we had the money to fix the car, and my pioneer Deanna will probably let me make cheese another day... But this, this was the final straw. Looking at my smile with my front tooth missing is not a sight I ever want to see again.


As if my entry into the last year of my 30's hasn't been traumatic enough, now I have teeth falling out of my head. 

This morning I would not show anyone (not even my family) and spoke with my hand over my mouth. I wasn't even able to call in sick to work because I was lisping so badly. I had to email my boss instead. I cried this morning over my new look. This didn't make me feel any better because once my brother told me that I look "really ugly" when I cry. This is the same brother, who when finding out about my predicament today called me a Christine O'Lantern.....

Crying with a missing tooth=not a good look for me.

I went to a different dentist (long story) and so I was unprepared for the younger beautiful man who walked in as  my new dentist. I was holding my nook because they squeezed me in and said I might have a little wait while in the chair.

He said hello. I didn't even catch his name, distracted as I was at his beauty.

Actually I was distracted by trying not to burst out in tears again over my new backwoods momma look.

I looked up at him with my puffy-red-from-crying-over-my-tooth-eyes and gave him a mona lisa smile.

"How do you like that?" he asked, gesturing to the nook.

"Iths awesthome. I said

"How about the books? Do they cost as much as a normal book?"

"Oh they aren't as expenthive as regular bookths at all."

At this point I told him I was "weally having trowble sptheeking."

We both retreated into silence. Him to examine the damage and me to ponder how my entry into cougarhood was not going at all well.

Tonight I have all my teeth back in my head, instructions not to bite directly into anything with my front teeth and an appointment to begin the process of getting a new crown.

And I really need a vacation.

Which is lucky because I have one scheduled to start tomorrow. I went to the library today and took out some trashy books to read.

Don't ask me how that Harlequin romance about the dentist got in there because I'm sure I don't know.


pedalpower said...

what a great post...I'm ahead of you by 9 years, and yet, I completely understand..what a nightmare, and yet you had me laughing out loud!

Unknown said...

OH NO!!! Although I've never lost a permanent tooth the fear of loosing my teeth puts me right in your shoes!

So happy that you have all your teeth back and sorry you had go through this drama but at least you have a relaxing vacation to look forward too.

Enjoy the romance novels. That should change your attitude. ;) (wink, wink, nudge, nudge...)

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

You poor thing!!! We were just talking about dental stuff at Starbucks that night, too, and I can only imagine how you felt!

Feel better. PS--just got home and am catching up....LOVE the new blog theme!

Christine said...


I KNOW! I immediately thought about out tooth conversation!!!

Raven said...

OK, I'm not sure how I missed this last week, but I'm so sorry about your tooth. Sounds like your vacation was perfectly scheduled. :) Glad you're on vacay now & hope it's treating you well!

Miranda Jacobs said...

I stumbled onto your blog from another I follow. As a nail tech, and the DIL of a crown wearer, nail glue will hook it back on for a week or so. ;) I can completely sympathize though. I had an oddly placed filling pop off- taking half of a canine with it. I have a pretty big smile, so it was definitely not a good look for me. Thankfully, I had an appointment for the following day anyway.

Christine said...

Oh my! Well I'll have to carry some nail glue around until I have my lovely new tooth, just in case ;-)