Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back from Vacation

Oh well, I'm finally back from vacation at my favorite Little Red Cottage.

It was, as usual, beautiful & restful. We had such  a good time that I'm a little sad to be home. (we got home before the weekend and I have some nice posts from this past weekend as well)

It's hard to get back into the swing of things after a nice vacation, blogging is no exception.

My teeth are all still with me, my car works and I even found my cell phone. Ah life is good. It's amazing what a little R & R can do for you. Up there I always feel like I can breathe. And relax. I swear some mornings, having coffee on that little porch is like a good massage. We picked blackberries in the field one morning that we had for breakfast with blackberry peach french toast. You know I was in heaven! That little town holds such a nice feeling for me.

However, I'm left with the same questions I always have after vacation.

1) Why do I live where I live? (I do, in fact, have a house that I love, but I have a few issues with the locale)
2) Do I need to live in such a big house? (my house is 2200 sq ft, certainly not a behemouth.)
3) Why on earth do I have so many dishes?
4) Is my happiness at the little red cottage based on the fact that life is simple there (after all, I AM on vacation) or does it have something to do with the surroundings? The smaller living space? Wide open fields and breezes off the water?
5) How small is too small? At what point does the size of your home start to impede on happy family life? My last home was somewhere around 1700 sq ft-That was also a fine size. My daughter was also a baby. Is 1700 Sq ft a nice size for a teenager?
6) What impact does moving out to the country have on your child's sociability? I will tell you that the family that we rent the cottage from have 3 lovely lovely children. However, there are 3 of them. My child is an only child and we have no plans to change that.

While I have no plans to move to northern New York I do feel so much better with some wide open fields around me and a big sky above me. 

I need to find that here.


Jacquie said...

Not to rain on your parade.....but, it was VACATION!!!! There was no school, work, bills, traffic, hurried grocery shopping to make dinner fast, annoying people calling you in the middle of said dinner, trying to get to bed early to be able to get up early, only to have the same routine the next day. Again, it was vacation!!! It is meant to be different than the norm, out of the ordinary, relaxing, pleasant, and simple. BUT...if you lived like that ALL the time, you would then start to miss the comforts of what you have at home. (You know...all those annoying things like, a job, school, accessability to anything and everything, people (friends) calling you in the middle of dinner, and all the things you really do love about your home and life.) If we lived on "vacation" everyday, it wouldn't be vacation when we did to on it! (I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation! Love you!)

Christine said...

Well first of all, I wouldn't describe my home life like that anyway! As you know, I've just started working again so it's not that I'm feeling job stress or that I'm on that treadmill at this point.

It's more of a commentary on how your place and space impacts your feeling of relaxation. We have 3 bathrooms. We had one on vacation. No one was standing outside of the door wetting themselves because they couldn't go, and the upkeep for 3 bathrooms is more than for one-More supplies, more cleaning time, etc....Plus a house with more bathrooms typically costs more than a house with one. (and I've never lived with one on a daily basis, so that is just an example, possibly one I would not like)

Additionally, looking at an open field is way better than looking at neighbors any day of the week (and I like my neighbors).

I'm not looking to not take calls from friends or stop working (again) but creating a life that makes me feel relaxed and happy more often than not is way up there on my list.