Monday, March 23, 2009

Thoughts While Making Tea

Last night I was making myself some tea and turned on the small TV we have in the kitchen (used mainly for news and Yankees!) As the water boils I'm flipping through channels and stop briefly at the vain, vapid and profoundly stupid Kardashians. I'll admit I've never seen an entire episode but I'm betting NO ONE gets up after watching that show feeling better about themselves, the world, or life in general.

In sharp contrast was an African tribal show a few channels down on the travel channel. There were these men who had just sacrificed a goat. Then they were reading the goat's entrails in some kind of tea leaf fashion. Apparently what they saw did NOT please them. They were really worried about what the entrails meant for their tribe. There was a lot of gathering and discussion and worried looks.

Whose reality was really correct, those tribal men or the Kardashians????

It got me thinking. Wouldn't it be crazy if reading goat entrails really held all the answers for us.

Seriously, have you ever tried it???

I haven't.

Do we really know where all the answers come from? The REAL answers? The Truth?

Follow me for a minute. We normally look at those people with a kind of quaint, "Oh isn't that prehistoric?" fascination, while we rely on TV and News and reporters and pundits to tells us about life and how it's going. Who is conjuring more??? I can't really say.....

It made me think. They showed some women and their babies and they loved those children just like I love my girl. No different.

The difference:
No Mortgage payment
No redecorating wants
No one needed new shoes (no one was wearing shoes)
No declining 401K
No wondering about their parents in old age
No day jobs. Living was their day job. And I'll tell you what, none of them seemed to miss the big house, clothing, social competition, play dates, etc..... Good lord, the concept of "play date"-when in history have children ever needed an appointment to play????????

For a few minutes I was kind of jealous of them all.

Oh they had that goat thing to deal with of course.

We all have our crosses to bear I guess.

What kind of tea was I brewing?

African Red Bush! Kind of appropriate don't ya think?


Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Very thoughtful post, Christine.

I have seen both shows. I compare the Kardashians to the Real Housewives--reality for them is sad, truth be told, because I really think they lack gratitude and abundance for each and every true gift given to them, and I am not talking about their $75K cars or plastic surgery splurges.

I have also seen the other show and am intrigued by their lifestyle. They live without luxuries, but they live with a work ethic and values. I personally couldn't do it--no lip gloss or Starbucks would be too much for me, but they are refreshing to watch.

Christine said...

Oh Karley-You've already made berry tint makeup-You would have lip gloss anywhere!!!

I think you are right, the people on those shows do lack gratitude. That's a great observation.

I also don't think I could live like that (Heck, that squirrel last fall taught me that!) but I do sometimes envy the simplicity.

Lady P said...

it's good to remember what is really important and to take stock every now and again, especially when some of our pocketbooks are being seriously challenged! when I have been poor - and I have been, like using dishwashing soap on the hair,eating potatoes and carrots because they are healthy and affordable - my high points were a good cup of tea, a book and a nice scented bar of soap for the bath or shower. These are my luxuries and what makes me sane, if things get really bad - I could handle the goat entrails too!

Christine said...

Yup-I really do think the best way to indulge yourself is with a free book from the library. Add some tea and you can have a perfect evening for almost nothing!

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

The library--you are right. Truth be told, I'd rather go to the library any day than be in a makeup store.

Ben and I went to the Evans branch yesterday morning and have already returned this morning from the McGraw branch.

What is better than a good book?