Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drain Strain

The bathroom re-do continues.

I've been to Lowes many times this week and the help is either really great or really not. For the record, I actually prefer Lowes to Home Depot and everyone has been really friendly.

Technical advice however, has varied.

Tonight I needed a drain fitting set. I went alone without the people working on the bathroom. Found a jolly man in bathtubs, told him what I needed and the tub I had purchased and he pointed me to aisle 17. I then asked if there was someone over there who could help me. He said he was that person. We proceeded to drains.

There were at least 20 different drains. I asked what the difference was. He said,

"There is no difference."

I found that hard to believe.

"So why do you have so many?'

"Personal Preference"

"ummm...Ok, well how should I choose one."

"Personal preference", said with a jolly smile.
This personal preference thing when on for about 3 more questions.

Um yeah. Do I look like a woman who has a personal drain preference? And further, this guy told me he was the one to be able to help me. Did he really think telling me to just choose one was helpful? What kind of help is that?
I'm really not as dumb as I may look.

I'm also a project manager by trade and know how to ask A LOT of questions to get to what I need. I'm sure he regretted his offer of help.

"So why are some made out of metal and some PVC?"

"Why are some thicker than others?"

"What is better for an older home?"

"What is the difference between valves?"

"Which ones break more often?"

"Which one is easiest to fix"

And on and on. I finally asked enough to make a decision I was happy with and moved on. But seriously, he was ready to tell me to just pick one. Why bother walking over with me?
I had almost the exact same experience over in toilets the other day when I asked what the difference was between a $89 toilet and a $300 one.
And then, there was the person that actually read the packaging to me.
I AM blond but do I really look like I CAN'T READ???

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