Monday, June 2, 2008

One Year Later

Here is what one rhododendron and about 40 years will get you.

I was lucky enough to move into a house with such a beauty in the front yard. I always think about how if it were not for some other nameless, faceless person who lived here before me it would not be here. They don't know I'm thinking about them and enjoying the fruits of their long ago labor. It reminds me that people before me have lived here, loved here, have been sad and happy here. Sometimes I imagine them in the different rooms of the house. What did their furniture look like? I have my favorite places in the house, where were theirs?

Last year was the first year I saw this bloom. It burst into it's splendor just in time for my dear friend Leighanne's wedding. She was a radiant bride. She got ready at my house and there are lovely pictures of her in front of this bush. She loves purple and I was thrilled with the color when it opened almost as if it was just for her! It was a whirlwind day complete with vows in the park and a bagpiper.

The evening after the wedding hew new stepson was killed tragically in a car accident. The bush stayed in bloom the entire next week during the calling hours and funeral. By the weekend we had a violent thunderstorm and all the flowers came off. It was as if the drama and emotional highs and lows of the whole week were echoed in the intense beauty and short life of the flowers.

Leighanne and Tim have had a long first year of marriage. The bush is blooming again, after having the leaves ripped off and after a long hard winter. Leighanne and Tim are blooming too.

In time, someone else may live here and never know this story. For me, this will always be Leighanne's wedding bush. The flowers will remind me of Her and Tim and Brendan always.

1 year later. Rest In Peace Brendan Barry, the world still misses you.


Jeannine said...

Okay! That is definately deserving a comment! See I am out here.
That was lovely and how qickly time passes. I am so glad that Leighanne and Tim are well, they deservr to be happy. After such a tragedy I hope that they have found strength and understanding in each other that will last a lifetime.

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

These are such beautiful thoughts on such a sad day. I love the idea of the rhodedendron representing the whirlwind events of this week last year, and even more I love the idea of the hope that it brings, that it survived the storm and that so will Leigh and Tim. And look at how strong and beautiful it has become over time -- I wish all of that and more for them.

Teamcarbone said...

Wow this post made me cry, tears of sadness but of hope that Leighanne and Tim will grow and blossom again through this new season of their life. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and I wish everyone peace and love.