Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Coach Handbag

I bought a Coach handbag yesterday.

It's embarrasing actually.

It's not even a knockoff. It's the real thing. Nice size very roomy. All caramel color with that signature coach tag hanging from it. Very classic.

Oh no, don't for a minute think I actually bought a new bag at full price! Surely you jest!

My mom has this spendy friend who was having a garage sale. I bought this number for $30!!! Can you believe it! And it's in NEW CONDITION. She had about 30 bags for sale (Um yes, this woman CAN SHOP, believe me!) She actually changes her bags with her outfits and won't even carry a purse with gold accent if she's wearing silver accessories (completely out of my comprehension.)

Anyway, for the same price I normally pay for a handbag I am now carrying a Coach bag.

Now the embarrasing part.

It's not that it's from a garage sale, heck no, that is the best part of it.

It's that I WANTED that purse. It is nice leather but really that is not why I wanted it. I wanted an expensive purse THAT IS WHY I WANTED IT. I don't think I've ever paid over $45 for a purse in my lifetime. And I'm SO NOT about labels. (Usually) I'm the anti-consumer. I thumb my nose at people who buy things because of the brand. I laugh at people who put their babies in $100 cashmere sweaters. I scoff at people who buy overpriced tees at Abercrombie.

And now I'm carrying a Coach bag (although Jen tells me that her VERY spendy friend in LI now tells her that Coach is no longer a big deal because EVERYONE has one)

Maybe I'm a fraud.

Get out your rotten eggs and tomatoes. I'm ready....


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Oh my -- you are going to be SHUNNED at your Butter Churners of America meetings! ;) Stop beating yourself up for wanting something "name brand" -- everyone wants things -- but you had the good sense to only spend what you would normally spend for a regular purse. Heck, I've seen more expensive non-name brand bags in Target!! Good for you for getting something that you really wanted, but NOT compromising your principles to have it! Hear, hear!

Christine said...

Thank you! Dispensation!!!

And it IS secondhand so I don't even have to claim that on my monthly tally of not buying stuff!

And you are right about the Target bags-They are more expensive. This one is beautiful leather.

PS. I'm not taking this bag to the butter churners of America meeting. I'll take the handmade one I got on eBay. They'll never know (unless Liv blows me in. Bonnet wearers unite!)

Krista said...

My SIL who is comes from a long line of frugalistas (who would put Amy D to shame) whipped out a credit card and paid $250 for a Coach. She wanted one that bad.

You know what is funny... I have spent my boys whole lives telling them that labels don't matter. Now that they are older, when we are at the thrift store or a yard sale I will say "But look! It is brand name!"

My smarty pants 16 yo says "Your words mean nothing to me."

Like Deanna said - I wouldn't beat yourself up over it.

Christine said...

How funny Krista, we all have our weaknesses frugally speaking. (Mine actually happens to be gardening!

You are doing a great job with your sons!