Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The George Eastman House

This past Friday, my girl and I headed off to The George Eastman House to drop off a wreath my garden club donated for their annual wreath auction. Jeannine made it from materials that all of the club members had and contributed (How frugal is that!)

When we arrived and presented the wreath, I noticed the gardens were still in pretty good shape for October.

My girl and I decided to take a walk. It was gorgeous! It was fun! We were the only people there and had the whole place to ourselves (Now if that doesn't make you feel rich) There is a goldfish pond. We both had a great time. I got to enjoy the gardens, which I've never seen before and my girl got to run around, which I would never have let her do had there been people there. (and hopefully she liked the gardens too!)

Best of all-Totally FREE! The gardens are free to visitors in the summer when everything is in bloom too, although for a reasonable price you can get admission to the historic home and photography museum which can easily fill an entire day!

Edited to add that I am sitting here a little sad because I'm realizing that this is probably my last garden visit for a while. I saw so many this summer and spending time in a garden is one of my favorite, restorative and (mostly) free pleasures.


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

This looks like it was a fun day! I've got to go through the garden sometime -- I've been through the museum a number of times (and of course, participated in my first flower show there!), and we've been to the Dryden Theatre, but I really have not spent any time looking at the garden!

Christine said...

The garden is beautiful! I am actually thinking of it as a part of the Garden Club Day out next year.

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Oh that would be a nice idea! I think it's always nice to discover or rediscover (as the case may be) treasures in our own backyard, so to speak.

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...
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