Friday, October 12, 2007

Effortlessly Saving Money-Rechargeable Batteries

I go through 4 batteries a week. 2 in my camera for my eBay business and 2 in my book light that I use almost every night. At the cost of Wegman's batteries, this comes out to $101.14 per year (It would be even more expensive if I didn't purchase the generic batteries) Not to mention the environmental impact of 208 batteries floating around a landfill for who knows how long as well as all of the packaging for said batteries.

Solution! Re-chargeable batteries. Back in January I got 4 batteries and a charger for $20 . (And I just saw the same exact set in Big Lots last week for $10) This is too easy! I don't even have to remember to buy batteries anymore. I plan to have them longer than the year so my savings will be much more than $100 for this simple thing. The charge seems to last longer than the normal batteries do too!

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