Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19, 1910 Happy 101 Years Adam and Bess

Married 1 yr. (It's written over the date like this in the diary.)

October 19, 1910

First Wedding Anniversary. Just finished the happiest year of my life. Planted a pear tree before work & planted cherry, prune & plum tree before supper. B & I walked over home & to Aunt Carrie & home & read.

W. Fine, Warm, Morn Light
W. 10

This is so sweet isn't it? The happiest year of his life.... 101 years ago today Adam and Bess married. It would have been a Monday. I think I love this man, planting fruit trees on their anniversary. Like he's providing for them.... I think I want to give him a big kiss. I bet Bess did.

*Note to self-Talk to husband about planting trees before work.

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