Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 15-17, 1910

October 15, 1910

Laid off at 1 to see the Syracuse Carlisle game at the stadium. Syracuse won 14 to 0. Met B & K downtown and home at 9:45. Clara Merle     at 3am to see the game. (It also says Hunter in parentheses on the side.)

R. 10:30

I hate it when the missing word is the one that gives meaning to the sentence. What exactly WAS Clara doing at 3am???? In 1910????

October 16, 1910

B & I walked out to the gully at 9:30 & back at 11:30 and got some food & took it out again to the gully and we cooked over      with the help of a little boy. Ethel and Ernest up to call on us but we were not here. Went up home and to church but no church. 

W. Fine
R. 10:30

This is a Sunday. Why was there no church? But what a fine day this sounds like!

October 17, 1910

Finished digging potatoes. Bess had a headache & retired at 7:30. I developed a roll of film and read a while. 

W. Fine Day Morning Light
R. 9

My god, don't you feel lazy now? When was the last time you developed your own film and grew 1000 potatoes. I must say, Adam (and people in general then) had a lot of skills that people  today no longer possess. (or only small slivers of people possess) You might say that you don't ever need to make a lamp or seed your lawn or paint your house or grow your on potatoes or sew your own clothes or make a magazine rack, and by a large measure you probably don't. And you've probably done some of the things I've mentioned.

I look at us now, with so many people earning a living sitting behind a computer in exchange for money to purchase all of the things they can't/won't do any longer. (and of course, recognizing that sitting behind a desk is a lot more comfortable and lucrative than many/most things people used to do) and  I feel like in no time in the history of man have we ever been less able to take care of ourselves, aside from purchasing our basic needs. And while it's nice that many of us have the choice as to whether or not we want to grow our own food or make our own lamps (never mind that the parts that you would need to purchase to build a lamp would probably cost more than the cheaply made-in-china lamp you can get at Target-that's another complaint for another day) I'm still kind of embarrassed for us.


Meredith said...

I share your embarassment. Sometimes I look around my house and play a little game. I ask myself 'if I could not go to a store, how would I __________'? And then I try to figure it out.

Christine said...

And in reading your blog Meredith, I know you already do a lot of those things!!!