Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back in the 19th Century!

I have an Adam update but it can wait till tomorrow. It's late and I'd like to direct you to my other blog where I'm talking about the museum's root cellar. I personally find it fascinating, how they store food until spring right in the ground. Just fascinating. Why do I find this fascinating? I don't actually know. I just do.... if all goes well they'll be unearthing it in March to make soup for a conference we're hosting. How neat is this....That's a soup I want to try

The couple pictured are the proud owners of Maylee, the pioneer cat. She's the twin to my own kitten Amelia. And while Amelia sleeps on a toile cushion in my kitchen, Maylee is out hunting mice in the pioneer cabin. They do look almost exactly alike though.

 While I was looking through some pictures at the museum today I came across this shot of me as a pioneer. I love this one. I'm making (what else) butter. I don't look terribly good but I really look a pioneer. LOVE IT. I'm thinking of making it my Christmas card this year. 
Joking...kind of....

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