Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 11-14th, 1910

October 11, 1910

Dug potatoes. Bess up to K to sewing club after supper & I worked on the lamps. Ella Cooper told her that Rev Schwartz wanted to burn inscense and have a bell on his robe. & Ella & Bess were going to quit the church.
Broke front of wheel coming to work.

R. 1 am

 First of all, before we discuss the big news here, let me mention he's still digging potatoes! He has 250 hills. He has over 1000 potatoes. I could dig my own potato crop before dinner some night if I wanted to. He lives on a normal city lot. He's an urban farmer before it's even cool.  Bess must be so proud of her man who makes lamps and works 9 hour days and grows her 1000 potatoes.... I am....

And boy oh boy-What's up with Reverend Schwartz. ....I might add, that you may or may not have noticed that Bess and Adam go to different churches. I found Rev Karl Schwartz at that time at the  Episcopal Church of the Savior. So I'm guessing she Episcopalian.

The Episcopal Church of The Savior. This is what it looked like when Bess Attended. She has no idea that on Jan 7, 1912 fire will destroy the inside.

She thinking of quitting church because of a bell and some incense... Wow.... and what's with Reverend Schwartz anyway that he wants to start wearing a bell and burning incense? This seems mildly Catholic, being that the 2 were not that far apart in 1910 (Thank you History Teacher Husband). The Church still exists. I have a good mind to call them and ask them if they have any of this in the church history...

The interesting thing that I found out was that after the fall of the Portuguese monarchy  (just a few days ago) , the Freemasons (at exactly this time in history) did their best to rid Portugal of Catholicism. 3 days prior to this entry, 15 priests were killed. If I were guessing I might think Rev Schwartz was sympathizing with the Catholics in Portugual but I could be very off.

I also found Rev Schwartz's Obit and he was also an inventor. Apparently he was an inventor in the Typewriter business. (which, if you recall, was big in Syracuse and in fact, Adam works at a typewriter factory) and he invented the backspace bar on the typewriter.

October 12, 1910
Stopped home & worked on the copper lamp. Bess & a bunch went out walking in the after noon.

W. Fine. Cold
R. 10:30

October 13, 1910
Over home to supper. Kit & Minnie Fischer over to see the house. B & K & I over to Church of Christ to see Daisy XXXX XXX to Mr Bellomy & I up to class at Clarence Goldsakers.

W. Fine, Warmer
R. 12

October 14, 1910
Got my wheel at Howards Dave & Beatrice up to supper. Trues got me a ticket for .50 for the Carslisle game.

W. Fine, Warm
R. 10:45


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

You should totally contact the church!! How interesting this is -- I love when you are able to add historical references and elaborate on details in the diary! And thank you to the Reverand for his contribution of the backspace key -- I used the modern version in this comment, which I'm sure is only available because of his invention for the typewriter!!

Christine said...

This one took a long time. And again, I'm not sure if my conclusion is correct, although I do think that is Bess's church.

And I'm glad you liked it!

Meredith said...

This is just so much fun to read! I think it is so interesting to know what was happening in the world when Adam was digging potatoes. And that he mentions a little thing like bells and it leads to an interesting story about church fires and typewriter backspace buttons. I don't think I wil ever forget that now!

Christine said...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! I feel the same way about it and have been fascinated by looking into it. I've been such a 19th century gal that the early part of the 20th century is something I have not been interested in.

In my work at the museum I met a woman who does historic dinners at your home-Unfortunately she lives in Michigan... However, she does food from, you guessed, it, 1910!!! How I wish I could have an Adam and Bess themed dinner!

Meredith said...

You should!!!! You can make a 1910 themed dinner for your family. Dinner, music, dress, activities/games....
Just don't dig potatoes!

Christine said...

Meredith, this may be one of the coolest sites I've ever seen! I could have an Adam and Bess Dinner AND I could serve Jell-o (see recent post on Jell-o gallery!) he he!! I love this and sent this to a few of my friends today. Thanks so much!