Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adam & Bess Are Back!

My oh my, look how much time has gone by with an update from Adam and Bess. How I've missed them. I haven't even picked up the diary because each time I did I felt mildly guilty. This summer was a busy one for me. (and Adam too!)

I've decided to start with October 1st and just tell you what happened in August & September. (And it's 10:09 when I'm starting this-I'm supposed to be in bed at 11, remember?!?!-That sleep thing is kind of working out for me. When I actually go to bed I early on time I feel great. However, I haven't done it every night. More on sleep another time.

So Adam and Bess. 

Adam spent much of August & September painting the house, staining the stairs, finishing the back porch. This one again, makes me feel like they have a newly built home. (Sometime I'll go to Syracuse and look for it.) In early August they went on vacation to their "camp" and they went with a lot of the people you're already familiar with. It seems like this is a place they've been before and plan on going back to as they do some work on the cottage while there. It rains A LOT and Bess wants to go home. One night, (not on vacation) Adam "gets Bess started" and she gets mad and won't talk to him all night. He gets up early the  next morning and makes sure to mention he "Made my own breakfast" and tried to get out before Bess was up. Bess however, comes down before he leaves and he goes to work "sulkey" That evening they don't even talk until bed. It must have been a doosie of a fight. They next day they go to someone's house and all seems fine. They went to the State fair. He also gets off early from work because of the Fair but he comes home and paints instead. His mother visits Rochester, which makes me wonder who she was visiting, were they relatives? Did that branch of the family end up with this diary???? He works more around the house. He bought 2 peach baskets for  5 cents. He develops pictures. He picks tomatoes. He goes bowling. He's making copper lanterns. 

October 1, 1910 

Did not wake up till 7 a.m. & telephoned Bob (this was the entry that I found after I assumed he had no phone) & stayed home & painted all day. It was very windy & could hardly hold the ladder up. Kathy up and stayed. 

W. Cold & Windy
R. 10

October 2, 1910

xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx to see Clara & came over to the house. Bess and I to her church and I to S.S. I walked down to James st & down to the xxxxx house after supper. 

W. Cold
R. 12:30

October 3, 1910

Started to work 9 hours & 6 days at the shop. Some school teachers up in the afternoon & Kathy stayed to supper. Gertie over and B & I walked down to the Hair Makers & to the car with her. She is looking and feeling fine. 

W. xxx, windy
R. 9 

You may remember back in July, Gertie was sick in Philadelphia and they didn't think she was going to make it.  I'm sure you're glad to see her on the mend, I sure was. Does she need a wig I wonder?? What the heck is a Hair Maker (and that is capitalized in the diary.) And I it's also written very clearly. I can't find any use of those words together like that.

October 4, 1910 

Stayed home. xxxx over and I washed my aprons & dug some potatoes. King Manuel of Portugal dethroned by the Republicans. 

W. Windy, Warm
R. 10:00

Oh, my Historian Adam. Of course, he's not really a historian as much as he's a news guy, if you think about it. It's history now, but was news back then. 

Apparently King Manuel was the last of the monarchy.

From Wikipedia:
Between October 4–5, 1910, the Republican Revolution erupted in the streets of Lisbon. What started as a military coup commenced by soldiers, was joined by some civilians and municipal guards attacking the loyal garrisons and the royal palace, while the guns from a warship added to the cannonade. The Palace of Necessidades (then official residence of the young King) was bombarded, forcing D. Manuel to move to the Mafra National Palace, where he rendezvoused with his mother, Queen D. Amélia and his grandmother, the Queen Mother Maria Pia of Savoy. Strangely, popular reaction to the events did not materialize: pictures from the square in front of the City Hall in Lisbon (where the declaration of the Republic occurred) did not show an overwhelming multitude, and even some in the military were fearful that their actions would not be successful.[7] One day later, once it was clear that the Republicans had taken the country, D. Manuel II decided to embark from Ericeira on the royal yacht Amélia IV for Oporto. It is unclear whether officials of the monarchy motivated D. Manuel to change his intentions[8], or whether he was forced to change his destination enroute[9]: the Royal Family disembarked in Gibraltar shortly later, after they received notice that Oporto had fallen to the Republicans. The coup d'etat was complete, and the Royal Family departed for exile[10], arriving in England, where he was received by King George V

Also, he's digging potatoes. Remember all of those 250 hills of potatoes in his back yard. I wonder how his crop grew.  Mine was nice, but small. I still have some out there that I need to dig as well. 

October 5, 1910

Up home to supper & I went to the gym & met Bess at 9:45. 

W. Fine, some rain
R. 10:30

October 6, 1910

Bess up home and it rained steady after 4 p.m. & I up to Ma's to supper & met Bess at 9:15.

W. Hot all day till the rain. 
R. 10:30

I love when I'm caught up and I can compare it to the current day.

W. It was cold and rainy here today.

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