Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kids Out And About Visits The Museum

Hey All!

Kids Out And About visited this museum this past weekend and filmed our Sugar Camp at our Sap, Syrup & Sugar event!!! The event runs the next two weekends through the end of March and you can find out more at My friend Brian is doing the into about the camp! He was also over in the brewery making beer but they didn't show that part!

I served pancakes to 400 people, and I'm expecting 1000 this weekend!(ok, that's a little misleading, I didn't serve 400 people by myself, I had a lot of help!!) I also got to try the Maple Sugar they made at the camp as well as a chicken that was cooked over the very fire in the video! Great stuff but I went back to the pancake breakfast smelling like a girlscout at a campfire! Next time I'll stand upwind!

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