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October 30-Nov 1, 1910

October 30, 1910

Bess & K to church & I to S.S. over house to dinner. Bess & I took Ethel & Dot out for a walk to Reservoir & over the hill to Roberaue. After supper Aunt Carrie Glady & her cousin came over. 

W. Sunshine but cold. 
R. 10:45

Apparently the Rev didn't ever go through with his plan to wear bells on his robe. Bess and K are still at church together.

October 31, 1910

Stayed home and worked in the cellar & read a while. 

W. Warmer. Fine
R. 10

It is Monday. I still can not figure out how he just randomly stays home on a work day...

November 1, 1910

Mr & Mrs Witham up to supper & Bess & I to social gathering of the Young Men and Girls Bible study classes at church. We had a fine time. 

W. Warmer, windy
R. 1:30 
Clara slept over our house.

Really? Men and Girls?? I know it is the time period of course. I just can not imagine how the women felt about being called girls. One of the reasons I can not imagine it is because I'm not sure they minded. And I don't know if I should be offended on Bess's behalf is she isn't. Sometimes the filter of the 21st century blinds us to the fact people were in fact, different, than they are today.

I sometimes have to remind myself that Bess can not even vote at this point. In fact, voting must be on my mind because it is actually election day in 1910 and Adam doesn't even mention it.

With all of the political talk around this joint I'm kind of welcoming his silence on the matter.

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