Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 2-7, 1910 & Bringing Back the Art of Calling....

Nov 2, 1910 

Rained all day. Bess went up home & I up to Dave's from work and got the clothes from the carnival & home to supper. I started some more copper lamps and Bess came home at 9:30. 

W. Rain
R. 10:30 

November 3, 1910

After supper Bess and I went to Aunt Carrie's & over home & I worked on a lamp. 

Snowy and Windy after supper. 

W. Colder. Snow. 
R. 11:30 

I've never known a man who made a lamp. I'm just sayin'.

November 4, 1910

Rode my wheel home in 4 inches of snow & slush. Stayed home at night & worked down cellar. 

W: Rain all day, slush
R. 10

November 5, 1910

Stayed home at night. Read.  Syr beat Vermont 3 to 0.

W. Snow Slushy
W. wet
R. 10

November 6,, 1910

Went to Sunday school and after dinner Bess & I went calling ----- Till not home & we went to Uncle Herb house & grandma & back home to supper & home at 11. 

W. Fair
R. 11:45

I was just having a discussion with someone about how no one just goes calling anymore. Even when I was young my parents would take us on a drive (which we pretty much hated, this is funny because I LOVE going on drives now!! Perhaps my parents should have given me a steaming cup of coffee back then....) Anyway,  we would sometimes stop at friend's homes and visit and play with their kids.  And sometimes people would stop at our house as well. I never heard my parents grumble if someone showed up unannounced and everyone whose homes we stopped at always seemed friendly and happy to see us. (Who knows, they may have been PO'd on the inside, but these were generally the same people who would stop over to our house randomly) 

Come to think of it, my parents and their friends still do this sometimes, although my parents probably call the person on their cell phone to alert them a few minutes from their house.

This is all the fault of Facebook.... Why do I need to come and see people when I can see that they are "Cleaning their kitchen" "Mad at the neighbors" or "Hungover from Bridgett's 50th" And people work so much that we when they are home, they are doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom and are not driving around. Or if they are driving around (as we were today) they think everyone else is busy...

I don't like it.

I think we ought to bring back the tradition of calling on each other. Be aware friends, next weekend I'm going to just start randomly showing up at your houses and expect to chat for a while. And I'd like coffee (or tea) I won't stay long. About an hour. You don't need to provide a meal, you just need to be happy to see me. I won't check Facebook first so we have something to talk about and just to keep it real, I'm not going to call first or on the way.


Unknown said...

Bring it on girlfriend and hey pick up some firewood when out you come call! :)

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

You are always welcome to stop at my house at any time, without notice! Although, be warned, I cannot guarantee that I will be showered... ;) Just sayin'! :)

I do know exactly what you are saying though about the "going calling" -- every Sunday after church we would go visit someone!

Christine said...

Kristin, the funny this is when we were driving we drove right PAST your house. But we were on our way somewhere. On the way back your car was gone. And we talked about the firewood... Soon... Very soon...

And I almost said that you and Michael are the only people I know who have done that-Thinking of the Christmas week stop overs at out old house.

Christine said...

Well yes, I can show up at your house Deanna, I know that (With an ottoman no less...)

Unknown said...

Well the truth is I can't always guarantee I'll be home but you can always stop. :)