Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Sun That Would Not Go To Sleep

In High School I met one of my true soul mates. She was a Finnish exchange student named Mari and she quickly named me her "American Sister." She is my "Finnish Sister." She's one of those people with whom I just "connect." I am so luck to have met her.

Since the time that we became friends I've always wanted to be in Finland for June 21st-The longest day of the year. called Midnight Summer- A night that the sun literally does not set. Her family has an island and they spend that night there each year. I should have already experienced this but I have not. Someday, I will spend that night with her!

This year she made my daughter a video about it. Please watch! It's wonderful!


Krista said...

That was beautiful! We have friends in Klaukkala and I love looking through their pictures. Finland is a beautiful country.

Unknown said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing.