Sunday, June 7, 2009

Farmer's Market Update

I just have to post an update on the Farmer's Market last Thursday.

We purchased
-1st Strawberries of the season
-A beautiful bunch of green onions
-A huge bunch of really delicious fresh spinach
-Some gourmet pasta
-Bread from The small world Bakery, who are new sellers at this market this year. It was $4 which is the same as the sprouted grain bread I buy BUT WAY more than the bread I can make.
-AND, EGGS. Free range eggs NOT from the surly woman with high prices and low personality (as well as supply!!!) A competing egg seller! A family with a bunch of young girls who all looked the same and were as tickled as I was that they were making their very first egg sale!!! I told them I would be back if they would be! I'll be seeing them this coming Thursday!

It was so nice to be buying fresh local food!


Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Yay! I am glad Small World is there. I have been meaning to post about their bread. I bought two loaves at the Victor Earth Day Celebration: Oatmeal and Honey Wheat, the latter being the better of the 2 loaves.

Thursday was busy here so I didn't make it, but want to go this week.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good purchase. I'm curious as to how much you paid for the eggs. I just bought a dozen farm eggs from a neighborhood farm/home for $2. I didn't get to chat with the woman who raises the chicken because she and some of the chickens were out in the garden that day. I hope to find out more when I go back. Yes I will go back because they were delicious and seeing as my LO has an egg almost every other day I think it's a wise investment.

Christine said...


I thought you would be excited as I remember you told me about them after the Victor Earth Day thing!

Kristin, I think I paid $2.75 which was less than the other woman. Where in Webster did you get them?

If the chickens were out in the garden I would say they were free range!!!

Unknown said...

Chrissy, I bought them on Gravel Road, closer to Kelm Road. You can't miss it they have a nice big sign in front of their house. There's also a fruit/veggie stand on Gravel that sells great fresh raspberries. Hitting both places this summer might justify make the trip out to Webster. KWIM?