Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Outings #1 & #2

This week we started our Family Outings (Or Staycation as my husband keeps calling it.) Sorry I have no pics this time around!

#1) I actually did not participate in the first one! It was raining and my daughter and husband went to a local indoor play place called Bounce It Out while I stayed home and got to clean the house with no one in my way (or calling my name-Just me and a book on tape-my own little vacation!)

Anyway-Bounce it out has these enormous indoor bouncy things (Like the kind you can rent for a party but 2 stories tall with different rooms or really big slides or obstacle courses. It was $8 to get in (children only, adults are free) and I think my husband got my daughter a $2 slice of cheese pizza and some dried fruit. I think the whole outing was $11. It probably would not seem cheap if you had more than one child but we don't.

This is one of my daughter's very favorite places to go and she'll ask for it any time you give her a choice. It is a very active place and she gets TIRED. (always a good thing.)

#2) Since our own farmers market is closed this week because the town hall is getting ready for the 4th. We picked up my mom today and went to the one in her town. (Keep in mind I count any activity that doesn't involve TV or a trip to Target or Wegmans as a family outing) Ok perhaps that is an exaggeration but really, any time you break out of your normal mold or invite someone along I think it makes it special. No cost at all except for the food but we buy that anyway. And it was different and I think, a little cheaper.

Tonight my girl is sleeping at my parents because my Dad is having hip surgery Monday and she won't be able to stay there for a while. Never underestimate the power of grandma sleep away camp ;-) I employ that one regularly though so I won't use it as part of my list!


Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Dear Christine,

I MISS your blog...Please post again soon, LOL.

A loyal reader,


Christine said...

Thank you SO much Karley! That is really sweet of you to miss me!