Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 6th at Home Depot

Today was my first trip to Home Depot this gardening season.

In some parts of the country the garden stores and home centers are bursting with color and flowers. Veggies are out and pansy's are smiling their pretty faces waiting for you to take them home.

Not so in Western NY! Today was a sunny and somewhat chilly day. No one is going to garden stores yet really.

BUT, I needed Peat Moss (more on that later!) and while walking around I saw two of these wonderful urns from last year! On sale! For $20!!! (Um yes, I know, I said I wasn't going to buy anything I didn't need! I can't even pretend I need these! ) I bought both, one for each side of my front door.

That said, they are made of lightweight fiberglass and are quite large (not sure if you can tell by the picture.) I have wanted 2 large black urns since we moved here but could not justify paying $50 per pot. $20 I can deal with!

And there were more deals to be had. (I didn't though!) I think they must be getting the shelves ready for new stock because all of the pots were on sale. They had some lovely ones that I truly did NOT need.

Now I can't wait to fill them (Which will be a little while.) In the mean time, I'll be visiting my favorite website for container gardens,, where they have a section devoted to telling you what exactly to put into the pot to get the look you want! (With Pictures!)
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Teresa@Much-A-Do said...

Love the pots - and at $20 each how could you NOT buy them?! And thanks for sharing the site you mentioned - can't wait to have a look. I hope you'll post another photo of your pots again once you fill them.

Christine said...

Oh yes! I will post once they are filled! I would really like some wire topiaries that I could grow something on to go in these!

Teamcarbone said...

Beautiful they will go perfect with the style of your home. However I must point out I found some really nice large light weight pots at Big Lots. Not the same style of course but very reasonablely priced.

Christine said...

Well being that I was not going to buy ANYTHING, those pots were the ONLY thing I would have bought. I have been thinking about 2 black urns on that porch since before I even lived in the house!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

LOVE these! And love the website you mentioned -- I checked it out and I love that you can search for plants with such specific criteria to meet your garden needs! Now I just have to find where they sell some of those plants!

Christine said...

Yup! I made a very nice planter for my front porch last year from that website. They those plants at Green Acres over in Greece (which I find more cost effective than Genriches with still a nice selection)but you could just as easily go into any garden store with a list and come up with the same ones.