Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You may recall, that as of the 1st of this year I pledged that I wasn't buying anything new (with a few exceptions Anyway, it's April so I though I would give a little progress update! Mind you, I'm not talking about the stuff I alluded to that I would still buy new, although there was not that much.

In February, we went to Florida. I recall a jar of play dough and some Kids Cutlery made by Dixi, which was a complete waste of plastic. Other than that I'm clean! All I bought myself were those crappy $145 shoes. Ok I probably didn't need those, per say.....

March was a bit more complicated. A new all in one printer/copier/fax machine for my business. The old printer died. I tried looking on Craig's list nothing that would be suitable (or so I told myself!) I got a great deal on a new one. I'm feeling ok about that.

Easter-I didn't buy that much but I recall an Easter basket, some plastic eggs and yellow plastic grass that served no purpose but to mess my house and get thrown away quickly (that grass was a really bad purchase!) I didn't buy a new Easter outfit for my girl actually-It was like 20 degrees and snowy-She wore a cute brown and pink dress she already had! She's not in therapy.
We are saving the eggs and the basket for another year. I also bought some COMPLETE crap that I said I would buy as a fund raiser for my daughter's school. Mostly bad food and giftwrap. (note to self-Take the fund raising buyout next year!)

I bought some gifts those months and tried to make them the consumable type. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

There is probably some more but I think I'm doing ok. Part of it is I think I already was not buying much new anyway.

Gardening season is right around the corner so the real temptation is yet to come!

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