Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Frugal Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

We've got some frugal Valentine fun going on around here today!

This morning when I woke up, my husband had taken some of my daughter's heart shaped foam stickers and and written his own messages on them (completely free!) and stuck them all around the house for me to find along with some chocolates! How neat is that! Along with that there was a nice note along with some chocolate flavored coffee waiting for me at the coffee maker. (Cheap)

Back in December I thought I bought too many Christmas presents for my daughter so I put some away for other occasions. Today I went into that stash and retrieved a baking set for her along with 2 new books and a silly little Elmo washcloth (Free for now as I already had the stuff! I think it was all only like $10 total when I bought it though) (and I know her Daddy bought her a puzzle yesterday too!) She'll be happy!

For my husband (Stop reading this if you are him!) I got 2 used books-1 that he wanted and one that I think he'll like, ($4) some face toner ($7) (ok this is a splurge because I don't even use this stuff!) and some nice chocolate. ($2.50)

All of these presents were wrapped in red tissue paper that I saved from Christmas(Free! I should add, my family laughed at me as I was collecting it!) Trust me-no one will like the gifts less because I've recycled the paper.

I think I'm getting a few presents as well! (which will not be too expensive)

Tonight we'll build a fire and spend time with the 3 of us. For dinner we are having rack of lamb ($7.95) that I got on sale a few weeks ago and some scallops that my in-laws gave us before they left for Florida(Free) (along with some sides and some wine) we'll build a fire and relax as a family. Maybe we'll put my girl's puzzle together. (ALL FREE!)

We don't get too fancy, we don't spend too much, but we'll enjoy our night! Romance is free-Presents are optional!


Krista said...

Sounds like a nice, frugal day!

Teamcarbone said...

Your V day sounded wonderful. I made a calendar with pictures of our past year together as a family to give to my DH. It was free, except for the $5 shipping, when I bought my camera at Christmas.

I think sent out homemade Valentine cards to my ILs with picture I had been meaning to send them.