Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Janurary Tally-No New Stuff Year

Well how did I do with my first month of my No-New-Stuff Year??? Lets see!

$.3.29 on sewing needles
$26.59 on some items to complete a project which I will show later this week if I can swing over to my Brother's to pick up the staple gun I need!

All in all, not so bad. Nothing that I didn't plan to buy and nothing too harmful to our world and my pocketbook. Also, with the project supplies I purchased I am getting something unused out of the basement and making it useful and beautiful! (I know, you are just dying of suspense over there!)

I did buy new dance clothes/shoes for my daughter. I said I would not bring my family along for the ride and could buy shoes and clothes and since this was her first time in class I wanted to have the things she needed. I will mention I only bought her one of everything she needs and we didn't get anything else this month. (Her Daddy bought her some princess gloves and a wand at Target that I am sure are straight from China-But it's his conscience, not mine! ;0) )

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