Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tomorrow I Go To Summer Camp

So tomorrow I'm going to my own version of summer camp! I have a day off from the museum but I'm going to to make cheese with my Pioneer Deanna at the Jones Farm. 

I have a petticoat, dress & apron to wear as well as a house cap. I don't even have to bring lunch tomorrow because we'll be making our noon meal at the farm. The last time I went back in time I was a pioneer and cooked over an open hearth. Tomorrow I get to try the cast iron stove. Yipee!!! (and I mean that Yipee!)

Jones Farm is one of my favorite buildings for some reason and whenever I'm on my lunch wandering the village I usually stop in and say hello.

I will of course, be blogging this for the museum as well as for this blog! (Shucks! I had a video I was uploading that didn't work and now I'm off to bed. The life of a farm wife awaits me tomorrow.)

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