Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Am Victorious!

Did you ever have a wish, a hope, a dream. Something you've been waiting for. Not quite sure if it's something you'll achieve. Something out of character for you?

I have.

Actually I have a lot of these kinds of things.

However, yesterday, one of them came true.

When I got home from work, there on my front porch was a box. I so LOVE getting boxes in the mail, even if it's something I ordered myself. This was not something I ordered myself.

It was a birthday gift from my loving friend Jacquie. And you know what was in this nicely wrapped gift shipped from North Carolina?!?!

DO YOU?!?!?!!?

You got it...


I love that girl!

Not only did she go to 8 (count em') 8 stores looking for the leopard print one, her search spanned 2 cities and included a trip to SuperTarget with her husband when they were supposed to be having a date night. Is that devotion or what??? Knowing that I would be embarrassed to purchase such an article and frankly, embarrassed FOR me about this post she decided she needed to get me this for my birthday. She finally had to purchase it online. Yes, the Wild Side Snuggie is mine. It even came with a book light.

I did have a momentary panic this was some kind of commentary from her about my quickly approaching 40's but she'll be 40 before me next year so I'm sure it was not. I think she just wants to make sure that I become a cougar with style. Well maybe "with style" is stretching it a bit. I mean it is a Snuggie. However, she does live in the south now.....

Did I mention I love that girl!


Krista said...

Woohoo! We need pictures!

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

LOL! Yes, pictures please!