Thursday, August 5, 2010

July 11-15, 2010

July 11, 1910 

After supper I did some painting. Ma, Ray, Oscar, Riley & Kate to supper. Kate & Bess up to see Ethel & the baby. Gertie better. 

W. Cool Windy
 R 11:30

Well that's a big relief about Gertie...

July 12, 1910

Kate & Kathy went home. Bess not well. It rained in the afternoon & after supper. & I sat on the porch & I squeezed some currants for jelly.  Up at 2:30 am. It was pouring. 

W. Hot
R. 10

Oh, he's squeezing currants for jelly. How I LOVE that. I also feel honor bound to mention this reference to Kate & Kathy going home. It seems to me that they have been staying with Adam & Bess the entire length of their visit. It's  likely that the prior entries where I thought he was complaining about giving them his bed, was just an observation that he had regarding the out-of-town guests. Now I feel even more shameful that I was suggesting Adam was 1) Wanting sex. and 2) Was not being a gentleman. My money is on that he did want sex. (after all, he's a 26 year old man) but I know in my heart that he probably was too much of a gentleman to mention it in the diary. Besides, when Clara his sister sleeps over, he's made reference to the fact that she's slept on the settee.  Just like the phone assumption, I think I was wrong about this. 

July 13, 1910

After supper I did some painting & retired early. 

W. Cooler
R. 9:30

July 14, 1910

Did some painting before breakfast. Up to S.A.B.C. at Daves. & met Bess at Park & Ball st. 

W. Fine Cool
R. 11:45

July 15, 1910

Painted after supper. 

W. Fair
R. 10

I think he's really tired from all of the painting.

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