Monday, August 2, 2010

I Have A Cool Job

Because today I got to interview Dean Bulter. You know, ALMANZO WILDER from Little House on The Prairie!!!  COULD YOU JUST DIE!!!

You can read the interview here! 

Here is what I didn't write on the museum blog.

Dean Butler was super nice and even though I told him I would only take up 5 minutes of his time, he talked to me for 1/2 hour!

The kicker for me was that (and I know this sounds silly) HE SOUNDED JUST LIKE HIMSELF. I mean I think if he called me out of the blue I could have probably told you who it was. I almost asked him to call me Beth. Ok, not really, well maybe a little, not really....

And in addition to being on the show, his production company has made documentaries about the real Laura and Almanzo so he's also pretty knowledgeable about that part of Little House.

For someone who grew up watching this show this was really fun!


Prairie Rose said...

Dean is a really great guy. I admire him greatly for his passion and zeal to get the real stories of Laura and Almanzo out there in the hands of people today. His new Laura documentary is incredibly amazing and everyone has to have it. (Not available yet but hopefully soon.) Have a great time with him this weekend; he's wonderful with his fans and just an all around nice guy to hang out with.

Krista said...

How cool!