Thursday, January 28, 2010

Homemade Cherry Liquer

This past July we went cherry picking and I mixed up some Cherry liquer using this Crabapple Liquer recipe.

I meant to let it sit for a while and then strain it and bottle it for Christmas presents.   I never got around to it. (Sorry friends!) So tonight, 7 months after starting it, I strained and bottled it.  It's pretty delicious. You don't need to wait 7 months to enjoy something like this, usually 30 days is sufficient. 

I never know when to post these kinds of posts-When I making it, when I'm done or when you could logically make something similar. Because really, it does you very little good to read about this now if  you want to make something like this. If you are planning on coming over soon for a drink then this information may be worth it to you now.... 

Next time around I'll post it as a reminder when I make it.

It's a gorgeous ruby red and tastes a little like port. The crabapple one did not taste like port. It was a sweeter and more syurpy. Just like the Crabapple Liquer, I'll probably drink this as a cocktail mixed with sparkling water. Bridget would make martinis out of it. I had a some tonight in a glass straight and it was nice having a little July sunshine on a cold winter night in Janurary.

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