Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feeling Like Laura Ingalls

"Something in the way he said it gave Laura a wild hope. She thought how wonderful it would be to go sleighriding behind those swift horses."

-Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little Town On The Prairie

Today I had to go to Canadaguia, a town about 40 minutes away. While there, I did something I have wanted to do since I was in the 5th grade! I rode in a horse drawn sleigh.

The Granger Homestead is giving 10 minute sleigh rides from now until March, weather permitting. $5 for adults, $3 for children 4-12.

It was wonderful. I LOVED It! It was a much smoother than I would have imagined and fast. (about 10 miles an hour at a medium trot) I was riding in the nicer of the 2 restored antique sleighs (this one was for passengers only and was reinforced with springs for a smooth ride he other one was also for transporting goods) We went around the homestead and through a wooded area.

They even had a fur lap blanket to cover you up. It was awesome.

Imagine my excitement when the driver told me that the horse was a MORGAN HORSE (Ok,at this point, the only person who is probably imagining my excitement over this fact is Deanna.) The Morgan horse was the first American Bred horse AND the kind of horses that Almanzo Wilder drove when he won Laura Ingall's heart! (Be still my own heart!)

It was a clear 25 degree day and I was wearing a warm coat. Nonetheless, it was a little chilly. Each week, Almanzo would pick Laura up 12 miles away when she was teaching away from home. On a nice day like today, it would have taken them 1 hr and 15 min. During the -40 degree ride that Laura describes, having to stop and assist the horses, it would have taken much longer.

We were supposed to go as a family but my daughter was sick today. Since I had to be in Canadaguia anyway I decided to go alone. It was probably better that way because I got to really soak up the whole experience. And, I liked it so much that we will definitely be taking my daughter on the ride sometime before March!


Prairie Rose said...

Hey, you forgot about me (in sharing the Morgan excitement!)

Now I want to go to Canandaigua!

And hey, it's on the way to Malone! ;) (See my post from today. ;) )

Wow, it really does sound like SO MUCH FUN!!! I wish I could go!

Christine said...


Shucks! I actually was going to say that you and my friend Deanna would be the only ones, I truly was! I just wasn't sure you would see it. I KNEW you would know!

Yes, it's kind of on the way to Malone!

It was really thrilling!! Different than I expected. I just finished reading the part in the books where they make the weekly sleigh rides so I was so into it!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

LOVE this -- totally taking the husband and the kids and doing this before March!! Agreed -- you were best off either along, or with me. I don't know that anyone else (except obviously Prairie Rose) would have gotten the deep meaning of that moment for you!

Christine said...

I knew it! It was so much fun. They have 20 min valentines day rides that include flowers and something else and are more expensive. We are leaving for vacation that day or you know I would be down there for that!

Christine said...

And apparently in the summer they have carriage rides which I don't know that I would be AS excited by but I will certainly go there and try it out. Maybe we could go for our birthday! We could hold hands!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Oh my gosh, you really want to give them something to talk about at the ol' reunion, don't you? ;)

Christine said...

He he!!!