Thursday, September 4, 2008

Know Your Zip Code!!!

This past March I bought a nice higher end/volume all in one HP device for my eBay business. At least higher end and pricier than any machine I've had to date. 6 weeks ago it got a paper jam that I could not fix. (um yes, perhaps turning the machine AROUND to see that there is a back panel would have aided this much sooner.) Anyway, today I cleared the jam.

The darn thing would not work. I worked on this thing for HOURS. Installing and re-installing print drivers, using every possible USB chord in the house, calling it bad names, NOTHING worked. I finally called HP where I spent an hour on the phone with a humorless man in India.

Finally we came to the resolution that I will be getting a whole new device sent to me for free (Yipee me!!!) So comes to the part where they ask for your address. I actually don't KNOW my 4 digit zip code extension. The Indian man would not believe that it would come to me anyway. He told me he would not send the machine if I didn't give him that 4 digit extension. I finally looked it up online. After that his darn machine said my real 5 digit zip was not right. (And I DO CLEARLY KNOW THAT) I told him I was sure of the first part of my zip code. He did not believe me. He again told me that if I didn't tell him the real number that my shiny, new, WORKING machine would not be sent. This went on and on and finally he went to ask his supervisor what to do about people who don't know their zip code.

Seriously, don't these people have a program that does that? When I worked I was the project manager for just such a thing! I even got an award from the Post Office for automating this for my company. (I know, I didn't need to include that. I kind of like that I got an award from the Post Office though!) My company was smaller than HP for goodness sake. Anyway, I HAD given him the right number. He finally re-booted his computer and guess what, I DO know my own zip code.

The moral to this story is that I never thought that the warranty that came with a piece of equipment were actually worth anything (I'm not talking extended warranty which I never buy). Apparently they do work sometimes!

Moral #2-Learn your 4 digit zip extension!


Teamcarbone said...

OMG that is a crazy story, the zip code part! Here's the thing you actually looked it up on the "Official" US Postal Service site! Geesh...well I glad you're getting a new machine but what a hassle!

BTW-Never knew about the award...good for you.

Christine said...

I know! I DID use the postal website!

Yes, I don't usually work that post office award into daily conversation. When I got it they made me hang it on the wall somewhere where people hang that kind of stuff there and then when I left I didn't take it. (or even remember it!) So I don't even have the darn thing in my possession anymore.