Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mr Clean, My New BEST FRIEND!

Ok, I know I'm late to the party on this one. WAY late as this product has been around for awhile.

First off, I'll say I'm not a gadget/gimick girl. I like simple things. I like doing things that old fashioned way. I clean with a rag and some cleaner. Sometimes I make the cleaner myself. I have never ever felt the need for a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Then my daughter drew on the white kitchen table with a marker.

NOTHING worked. The next time I was in the store I saw a magic eraser and in an uncharastic move, bought one on impulse.

HOLY COW. It worked like crazy. WITH JUST WATER. Then I used them all over the kitchen. That kitchen table I told you about-It's wood with a white painted finish (Purchased pre-child!) The chairs have this FILM on them that NOTHING takes out. NOTHING but my NEW BOYFRIEND MR CLEAN THAT IS!

If you know something bad about thse please don't tell me. They aren't made in China right? The fact that it uses only water is not offset by a terribly wasteful environment harming manufacturing process right???? I mentioned it at a dinner party and Rick told me he thought they were made by conservatives in New England. I'm just gonna go with that. OK!


lianna26 said...

He-he-he!!!! Yes you are way late to this party but that's ok we still love you. My mother introduced my husband to Mr. Clean and it was a match made in heaven, not that that is a bad thing, casue you know my Mr. Clean husband! I now I have my two favorite cleaners in my house - no comlaints there!

Christine said...

Your mom actually was the one who told me about that Magic Eraser way back when!!!

Teamcarbone said...

A new romance I see...well just make sure your LO doesn't rub it on her skin...bad things happen.

Enjoy the new romance anyways.

Christine said...

Are you speaking from experience?

Since I don't let my girl play with cleaning supplies I think we'll be ok!

Teamcarbone said...

No not speaking from expericne...just remember an email that came through...but after posting here I went on Snopes and I guess it was a fake!

crunchycon said...

I often come into my classroom to find that some bright star of a participant has written on the whiteboard with permanent marker (grrr). The Magic Eraser is brilliant for getting permanent marker off. I know there are other tricks out there, but this is the quickest and easiest.

Christine said...

See another brilliant use! I used it just the other day for getting crayon off the walls!