Monday, September 5, 2011

Nature Bites

So last weekend my husband ran into the house from the yard, yelling. He stopped in the kitchen and  proceeded to drop his pants.

You would not believe what he had in there.

2 Bees flew out of his shorts! He had been stung numerous times in the leg, butt and arm. I shook out his shorts and handed them to him. Apparently I missed one and an angry bee gave him one last sting and flew out of his shorts while he was wearing them. His stings swelled up terribly and hurt for days.

He had been gathering kindling for a campfire across from my compost pile when the bees attacked him. They flew out of a hole in the ground! Mean little bees.

Today I was in the kitchen and I was freezing some of the bounty from my mom's 400 + tomato producing garden (I'm still a little bent about my tomatoes. My mother, on the other hand, has taken to calling her neighbors to see if she can hoist these red gems off on others, she has so many) and had a bunch of tomato guts to take to the compost pile. I didn't think it was a big deal, so I threw them in there and just like that, one stung me in the arm. In that sensative part where your arm bends. When it first happened you could see it all swollen and there were these spidery legs branching out from it where you could see the killer bee venom spreading into my system. Dramatic, right?

Hours later and the damn thing still hurts.

I'll live, but my husband has decided he should get something to kill the bees in the compost. Problem is I've been working on that pile for like 4 years now.... Wouldn't bee killer be like some kind of compost napalm?

I suppose I could start a pile elsewhere...

I used to think it would be neat to keep bees for honey. I'm rethinking that.

I've been so at odds with nature lately....


Meredith said...

We had a horrible nest of ground bees this year by our barn. Nesty things that dug two huge holes. I used a big bucket of Diatomaceous earth and an old window screen to get rid of them. I waited until it was dark outside, snuck up on the holes with a flashlight and dumped a bucketfull of the DT Earth into each hole. Then I covered both holes with the large screen and put a heavy rock on either end to hold it down. A few days later - no more bees.

Christine said...

I'm too scared to go over and try and find the holes!!!

But I'm glad to know how you got rid of them! I don't think that will hurt the compost pile actually.