Friday, June 10, 2011

What's Growing In The Garden Today

With all of the heat this week a lot of things just burst into bloom!

This is what $5 and 2 years will get you.
 I bought this climbing rose at the end of the season 2 years ago for $5. It was originally $20.
Last year it bloomed a little but this year there are tons of flowers on it.
It's an old fashioned type rose and you can smell them  when you are sitting on the porch.
Oh my, the porch needs painting.

I planted these a while ago from my grandma or some garden club girls. I couldn't even remember what color they were. They finally bloomed. Also a lovely smell.

Talk about free food. The lettuce began growing in the planter all by itself this year from some lettuce that had gone to seed last year. I think we'll be eating it this weekend. I also have a pineapple sage planted in there for when the lettuce is gone.
The green behind all of this are potatoes from last year. It's hard to get rid of potatoes once you plant them somewhere. There are always some you miss. However, the amount of potatoes growing here makes me wonder if I dug any of them up last year.

Beautiful Broccoli, Arugula, Peas and lots of lettuce. (oh and some of those volunteer poatoes.)

Rhodadendron. There are a bunch of these in my neighborhood this big. It makes me think that sometime 30 years ago all the neighbors were in some kind of keeping up with the jones's type thing with their garden bushes!

Tomato and Herb Urn. There are 2 on the front porch. These are going crazy this year.

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