Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Teeth

I don't really like going to the dentist.

You may have gathered that I've had some dental work done lately. 

I think my dislike of the dentist stems from when I lost that tooth when I was 9 or 10. I need a root canal that took many visits and it hurt A LOT and I now hate the dentist.  I'm  not a good dental patient. I'm just not. I don't make a lot of noise or swear or anything but I gag a lot. And I grip the arms of the chair and mostly I keep my eyes shut.  I look like, well I look like some at the dentist....

Today I went back to start the work on my new tooth. It's a 2 part appointment because they have to take impressions and then make a new tooth.  And remember how I wasn't supposed to eat anything like a sandwich or corn or anything I needed to bite directly into. Well, that probably wouldn't have mattered.


I had been given novacaine because while the tooth is dead, they were working a lot around my gums. (My very healthy gums, I might add-thank you cutie dentist man for saying that because it was probably the highlight of the whole 90 minute visit.) and it's probably a good thing I had novacaine because after lots and lots of drilling, they were BANGING on my tooth to get it off. Which made a sound inside my head like they must have been using a hammer. At one point the dental assistant (who I thought was a little rude) said "Does that hurt?" with kind of an astonished look on her face.

When I said "No" she responded with "Well I couldn't tell because you were making such a bad face."
Seriously dental assistant woman, I have someone BANGING on my tooth to get it out of my head. What am I supposed to look like? I'm not at the spa......

My whole mouth hurt a lot, later.

Anyway, this evening I have a temporary tooth in that is a wee bit smaller than my last tooth so I'm sporting a mini Lauren Hutton look. I can't wait for 2 weeks from today when I get my new beautiful tooth. (It better be, for the $500 co-pay-exactly half of the cost of the work.) You think they would have offered me a gold tooth for that price, although with the cost of gold these days, I would have probably had to settle for silver.

I realize this post is not at all related to my blog theme. I suppose a good life includes good healthy teeth and I'm really lucky I have dental insurance. 

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Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Ouch. I feel for you, Christine...Feel better!