Monday, April 20, 2009

Check Out My New Digs

For a while now I've toyed with the idea of starting a new blog journaling the progress of my garden efforts, If only for my own personal record. My very next thought was that possibly no one else wants to read about growing peas. I however, want to write about that!

I have, of course, been blogging about gardening in this blog, but lately I feel a push to do more, grow more, produce more. That push has led me to my new blog,

A Homestead Life.

Please hop on over and join me as I grow veggies, fight deer and make my own butter!!!

I plan to keep both blogs for now as they both serve a different purpose. However, if I can't keep up or one seems to be more important than the other to me, then I may possibly combine the two.


Catherine said...

Yea another blog to read on the lunch hour that I really don't get! Ha

I was thinking of making a small garden this year, so I will read your new blog every day so that I can possibly learn from the best.

Also, remember I need ideas for my May 6th school event planning for Pioneer Days! Thanks

Christine said...

Ok I need to get on that one!

Butter-you must make butter!!!